VEGAS TIME. Negreanu

I’m playing a different tournament today Actually, it’s different for everybody It’s its first year in WSOP Its name is Mixed Big Bet It’s a $2,500 Buy-In tournament And it has 7 types of games It’s a mixed tournament But it has no Limit event Thus, it is a mixed without the Limit tournaments So, it has all three types of Omaha Two types of Deuce to 7 Tournaments I particularly like Because I already played Omaha tournaments here Deuce to 7, both Simple and Triple Draw I also played their specific tournaments, No Limit Hold’Em… It was simple! As I already said, the Omahas… And there’s the last tournament A tournament that isn’t played individually It’s part of this tournament only It’s 5-Card Draw What’s 5-Card Draw like? I guess everyone who plays poker Learned from playing it, at least I did I’ve played 5-Card Draw since I was 13 years old You receive 5 cards It’s the famous “Poker Fechado” in Brazil It’s a pleasure to play this tournament It’s very good! The field is small And to enhance, to boost it all up I have Negreanu right on my right I’m right next to his left side arm A super friendly and talkative guy By the way, he doesn’t stop talking.

It’s impressive! And it’s cool, because for those who aren’t familiarized with poker For those who are beginners, for your information Negreanu is considered the master in poker The best player in the world, the most victorious And damn, your sport, your profession, your daily job Allowing you to be seated right next to him, talking, discussing hands Playing against… Well, it doesn’t mean a good thing, Against one of the best in the world is never good But having this experience, it’s really good It’s gratifying and let’s believe this tournament will work out The field is greatly reduced I’m used to playing these kinds of tournaments that are part of it No surprise! I won’t be lost in none of them, not knowing what I’m doing It’s obvious that Americans have played for a longer time than me But I’ve been playing, I’ve been studying some of them I’ve been practicing online, Playing their live tournaments during this whole month So, let’s believe it’ll work out! That’s it, folks!

I’m in! One DAY 2 more! It’s a different game this time Mixed Big Bet It’s been a very difficult day I was big but I’m short now But I’m still alive in the game And the main thing is… Take a loot at that screen, guys!

See how it is 38 people are in between me and my bracelet Well, it’s close, you know? 38 is just a leap 200 people have joined it, actually 197 ITM was in 30 players I’ll be back close to the bubble tomorrow, with 8 left to the money So, it’ll be a leap to the Final Table and then to get the bracelet Just one leap more! It seems to be easy, but it isn’t!

I know, but if I don’t trust on it, who will? Let’s go! It’s been a tough day today I started the Hold’Em tournament at 11 am today I ended up busting then I started the Mixed tournament being late I practically played 10 levels I made it!

Only 38 players left for tomorrow One DAY 2 more! ITM starts in 30, then it’ll be just one leap from the FT and then the bracelet Look, every WSOP DAY 2 starts with homework To search a stats report on WSOP website to know how the table is Take a look how I do it You can access WSOP website You can see the chips counted by seat I can find my table I can see the amount of chips I have, as well as the other players. By seat, by position and also their names Then I take name by name Then I can search about the player To know the amount of WSOP cashes he has, the amount of prizes he already won Why are all these things relevant? It’s important to know if I’m playing against a regular or a rookie Mainly because I’m close to the bubble If this player will be the one who will press the bubble or not Because of the amount of chips I already make my strategy The guy on my left has X amount the guy on my right has Y amount This one I can pressure, this one I can shove This one can pass And you can learn if the guy is good or not Or if he’s capable of folding or not All extra information we can get is really, really important I noted that there’s no extremely good player in my table There are some regulars, but they’re not so extraordinary based on the field we had The table is relatively good, there are some chances!

Let’s go! There are 37 players left It means 36 players are in between me and my dream The bracelet! I daydream about this bracelet all days during the year, even more now I’m in Vegas But it’s funny that I had dreamed only once, winning a bracelet And I hadn’t understood that dream very well Because it was 5-handed, it means it’s not Texas Hold’Em It was that ancient poker, the closed one Coincidentally or not, there’s a 5-handed game in this tournament today In this game called 5-Card Draw That we already know in Brazil as “Poker Fechado” And I started playing this game when I was 13 My father taught me and we played it at home among family Then when I was 18 I started playing with my friends from “Clube de Xadrez de Santos” Betting money Since then I never stopped playing it Every time we meet up, we try to schedule this game So, among all 7 games I have today, this one is included Can you imagine that? Starting ITM, arriving in the FT, getting heads up And all that I dreamed few years ago, come true?

Winning with a quadruple of A in this game? I mean… A dream that I thought it was a craziness can come true today! Damn! Let’s go!

Let’s believe and mentalize because it’ll work! Here I go! That survey I made in the hotel room about the adversaries in DAY 2 I took notes here on my phone Now I arrive here at the table and I can see, For example that guy on seat 1 is the one who already won, he has X amount This one has got these things, that one did these things Then, you see the chips, you see the faces and know the information It helps, for sure! This little survey, these extra info boost up the game You’re one step ahead of someone who don’t do this It can’t mean anything, but it’ll help in your decisions many times in the right time Knowing your adversary’s profile and background – Como vai você?

– GL! – GL, dude! – GL Foster, here we go!

That’s Brazil, folks! Every Brazilian is starting the $888 Crazy Eights It’s a tournament that belongs to our sponsor, 888poker, right? But it’s a tournament that they structured based on 888 So, the tournament is 8-handed Buy-in is $888 The champion has $888,888 guaranteed Then the format is all based on 888, to catch people’s attention to the number 8 Because the world WSOP official sponsor is 888poker So, here we go! I’m in a rush now!

Blind lasts 30 minutes today Today I’ll play 18 blind levels Probably I’ll be ITM today Let’s chase this ITM first and then DAY 2 Let’s go, guys! This one has a special duty: winning the bracelet, in the game our sponsor is the boss! It helps, you know?

Let’s go! Chips, guys! The bubble has just burst!

ITM That’s it, guys! Here I go! FT here I go! – Full house! – Let’s go! – That’s great, Garridão!

– Nice. I just busted in the Mixed Game Tournament on the 29th place One homestretch more that was close to the Final Table An Omaha Hi-Lo 5-handed It’s also called Big O It’s a pity! I had AA, double suited way ahead the adversaries But besides it didn’t split, I lost It can be considered as bad beat, but it happens, it’s part of the game But today is Saturday and there is the $888 Crazy Eights It’s a $888 Buy-In that allows unlimited re-entries So, let’s go to this game! I’m already subscribed! Let’s go! Let’s try again!

Os jogadores do Crazy Eights, vocês reconhecem essa senhorita? Ela não está encontrando a mesa dela, alguém reconhece ela? – Ela está jogando … – É lá, moça! – Obrigado pessoal! – Valeu pessoal! – Certo, jogadores do Crazy Eights, parabéns!

Vocês conseguiram o dinheiro! That’s great! One ITM more! Crazy Eights, flight B! Now let’s double the chips, right? – Acabou pra você, amigão!

It’s not good! Sometimes they win, there’s no escape! Pair of J and pair of 6 Then the 6 showed up I was busted At least I was ITM – Good you weren’t the bubble!

– That’d be bad being the bubble with no ITM It’s part of the game! There’s a hand going on over there! That’s why it’s lasting so long Parabéns, vocês conseguiram o dinheiro! There are things that happen only here in WSOP Same tournament being ITM twice Flight B yesterday, Flight D today Same tournament, ITM twice That’s impressive! This structure provides these things Let’s keep playing and I’ll pass to DAY 2 today Well, I’m arriving from Crazy Eights, Flight D now The same thing happened as in Flight B I just got ITM then I busted right after it I couldn’t go further But two ITM in the same tournament is always good to accumulate prizes Day off tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, DAY 2 at the Aria I’m already in since 5 days ago I’m good in chips, this one will be good!

After a long wait, Aria DAY 2 is already taking place There were many initial flight, that’s why it took so long I got my DAY 2 pass from the beginning I’m really anxious for this tournament I got many chips in the beginning 50 blinds And there’s only 5% of the field there Let’s go to Aria! Let’s believe! Keep focused! 5% is a quite small number of players that remain I’m in the homestretch with 50 blinds, considering a good amount o chips Let’s go!

Let’s go, guys! I’m entering Amazon again One DAY 2 again ITM already Let’s play calm and chilled! And the strategy is to keep playing tight, Because I’m short, I lost a big hand in the bubble yesterday And as soon as the bubble burst we passed to DAY 2 Because the day had already gone, they were only waiting for the bubble to pass to DAY 2 So, the strategy now is to go up and duble my stack in order to set a new strategy later That I always use in DAY 2 which is starting a little bit calmer So let’s go, guys! It’s DAY 2 time!

It’s written here! DAY 2 on the screen! – Espere! – Tá bem! – Nem olhei minha mão ainda, – Não se preocupe!

– Eu só queria saber quanto era! – Então, ela cobriu – Bom jogo! Obrigado! – Obrigado! – No próximo você se dá bem! – Obrigado!

– Obviamente eu queria saber quanto era – Eu preciso disso? – Sim! – Okay, próximo é 39… – I busted! Hey Gustavão! – What’s up? – GG, bro!

Damn! DAY 2 didn’t work well today! I busted right in the beginning! I had a pair of 6 and the guy called with a pair of AK K in the river, dude!

It’s part of the game! Flip is flip When I busted, I ran out to register in $1,000 Turbo That had started at 11 am I arrived in the register within the last 6 minutes to end the registration I registered then I rushed to the table From 1,400 entries I placed in 160th I got another ITM Two ITM in a single day It’s really good! Let’s go!

I’ll rest tomorrow! It’ll be a day off! On Thursday there’ll be the $3,000 and then the main event! Let’s go, guys!

That’s good! It’s not awesome but it’s good! It’s night here in Vegas and we went there to try to watch the 4th of July’s fireworks But it didn’t work out very well I was playing WTP DAY 2 at Aria before I was doing really well, big in chips the whole tournament I passed through DAY 1 very well with 51 left But I ended up busting! I opened from cutoff with a pair of 8 I had already been beat in a difficult hand previously Big set a direct ALL-IN with 26 blinds, that was my effective He had around 30 or more and I decided to pay with 88 I was wondering that if he had bigger hands, he would re-raise or call instead of shoving Keeping in mind that with AK or AQ, he could shove as well, to cut the variance off, right? In order not to receive my calls in position and play a hand that doesn’t flop well Pos flop, that doesn’t play well, right?

But there were smaller pairs that he could shove So, analyzing the player and the positions, I decided to call… it was AK indeed That old story I didn’t chose to flip, but I ended up flipping But I called knowing I could be winning more than losing And many were flipping, it happens! So I lost! It was a big flip It would double me to 50 blinds There were 50 players left It was a tournament with 3,500 players It was paying $230,000 for its champion It was a great prize!

But I didn’t make it! It wasn’t this time! Let’s go for the next!

Main event is right here, it’ll start in days But there are 2 or 3 other tournaments to play before it I’ll keep steady and strong in this dispute! Today is $7,000 RAZZ day! It’s a different game The games are almost over There are 2 days from the main event It’s a tournament that I really like to play Particularly it’s the one I most like to play in all Mixed Games You have already watched me playing several of them here on the channel, right?

It’s the first tournament I learned how to play After Hold’Em Even before Omaha Just for you to know, in 2009 8 years ago, my second time here in Vegas I played an event of this game So, I’ll start it! Confident! I preferred to play this one instead of playing $3,000 Hold’Em Because its Buy-In was cheaper and it’s a game that I really like It was on my schedule The table isn’t so easy for now, but it isn’t so difficult as well I’m playing it in calmness! Let’s go! The big day has come!

WSOP Main event! I’m starting DAY 1A now Right in the beginning to catch the first hand of the first day I preferred to play this DAY 1 soon There’s no difference in playing DAY 1A or DAY 1B for me I just like to avoid DAY 1C, because it’s the most crowded one The regular players end up starting playing only in the last day I don’t quite know the reason, but it happens in Vegas every year And I want to start it now Because I guess it’s quite difficult to find a very good or a regular player in this first table That’s why they prefer to play the other day The ones that start today end up starting later It’s the tournament that has the biggest amount of chips There are 50,000 chips So, I see the importance of starting playing since the beginning I believe it’s easier, for example, The ones who play to pass the DAY End up starting in the break Because if we play five 2-hour levels today And you can start after the sixth hour, so more than the half has already gone So, to pass to the next day with 50,000 chips is kinda easier But the strategy isn’t to be playing to pass the day or to be ITM I don’t play the tournament per stages I play it as a whole So I see myself playing at the table now in these initial blinds With a higher chance of accumulating more chips and pass big Than in a lower chance There’s a risk, of course, maybe I can bust right in the beginning When the other are coming to the game, but this cost benefit for me worths And I’m after it! Let’s go to the main event, the most important of the year, not only in this series! – Hey, what’s up Dude! What’s up? Our team is reunited, 888 crew!

– We have a celeb here! – Look! – World Cup, right?

– Five-times World Champion! – But this is the first World Cup in Poker, right? – Of course! – That’s it, dude! – My first World Cup, right? I’m headed to my third, right?

This man is Five-times World Champion in soccer I’m headed to my third World Cup now! Two as a soccer player and now as a poker player! I want to see you as a champion in this one!

Look! Let me tell you something! I’m gonna be the champion in this, you’ll see! I don’t know about this year, but let’s see! – Well, but it happens every year!

– Does it happen every year? – Every year! – That’s good!

The good thing is, you don’t need to wait for 4 years – You see? It’s gonna be easier! – Every year!

There’s no elimination phase, right? No, there’s no elimination phase! You start in the World Championship already!

– Really? There isn’t any, right? – No, there isn’t! – You already start directly the groups phase – Yeah!

That’s it, guys! The four 888 gorillas ready to go up at WSOP main event! And it’s really cold up here! – Here we go, right? – Damn, yeah!

– Damn, it’s really cold up here! – Too damn cold! – Craziness! – It’s cold inside, isn’t it? What about outside? It’s only 147,2ºF outside It’s really cool outside!

Are we in Arabia or in Las Vegas, dude? The temperature in Arabia is like that, you know? – Have you already played in Arabia? – Yes, I played there for 1 year! – 1 year in Arabia?

– It’s just like that! This heat! – It’s the same way! – Swelling, it’s desert there, isn’t it?

– And our soccer practice was at 10pm – Only at night? Yeah, only at 10 pm! It’s tough out there!

– Is it crowded today? – Damn, a lot of people! How many? There might be around 3,000 to 4,000 here today – 3,000 to 4,000 people here!

– Damn, crowded! Playing the main event only, you know? – I’m not counting the visitors – Not counting the visitors!

– From other tournaments, maybe? – Look, those guys are flipping with the vacancy! – Damn! – That’s awesome! That thing Nico is talking about is awesome!

They get 10 people together Each one with $1,000 And they flip the main event vacancy See how crazy that thing is! They get 10 people together with $1,000 each WSOP organizes it And then they open Hold’Em And the dealer starts to beat flop, turn, river and the one who wins get the spot If it ties, it opens again for those who tied It was possible to hear screams from there They’re shouting as if they had got a prize Damn, winning a spot for the $1,000 flipping? That’s craziness!

– Shouldn’t we be taking that way? This way! Let’s go Gorillas!

Now that I can see! There are many people, dude! Here our…. Hey Denilson!

Here our WSOP Main Event starts, folks! – Let’s go! – Hell yeah! Let’s go! Brazil!

Here we go!