Online Casino Sites and Software Lucrative for Poker Pros

For the past few years, many of you may have noticed the endorsements of poker pros on some of your favorite online casino sites. Well, it’s becoming very lucrative for these pros to sign-on and plug a good online casino site. You may have even witnessed these pros talking about the online casino sites at poker junkets and personal appearances.

One fine example of an online casino endorsement by a pro happened in an area just inside the Rio resort when Doyle Brunson, a well known and very successful poker player, made an appearance to sign copies of his book SuperSystem 2 for his fans. While there, Brunson proudly mentioned Doyle’s Room, a new online poker site he is a paid spokesperson for. Brunson, who is actually from Las Vegas, even sports hats with a Doyle’s Room logo right on it!

Brunson, who does admit he is even putting together a book about online casino gambling strategy, says he plays poker online on a regular basis.

It really comes as no real surprise that many of the most famous poker players now play online regularly.

In fact, most of the world’s best-known poker players live in the Vegas area like Brunson does. Still, they are attracted to the online casino sites because many offer jackpots just as high as the biggest and best land casinos.

Online poker can definitely add to a poker pro’s income. If you are good at a casino on land, you are good online, too. Travel expenses to stay at home really don’t exist either.

Keep in mind that these poker pro’s you see endorsing an online casino site are merely paid spokespeople, they have no ownership in the online casino sites. This is mostly due to the fact that the laws surrounding online poker sites are vague.

Another example of a famous endorsement for and online casino-type site is  Howard Lederer, he is famous for poker as well. He promotes Full Tilt Poker. Lederer also has part ownership in a gaming software company.

The list of pros endorsing online casino sites is a long one. The list of pros branching out in the gaming software industry is gaining quickly too.