Gambling Regulation in the World

Costa Rica

It seems that the Costa Rican government has cut casino operating hours from 24 to 8. This is a huge difference for the casinos as instead of being open 24 hours a day, they can now only be open from 6 pm to 2 am. Needless to say the casinos are upset.

Not only that, but many in the online gambling industry want to know how it will affect them. They are concerned that they might be next. Much of the wording of the decree is focused on things that the online gambling industry will have to face.

While the land based casinos are saying they will have to cut employees, etc., the online gambling industry is asking how much of the money towards getting someone psychological help for gambling they are going to be responsible for. They say that the government might be looking to them to help fund that instead of just the land based casinos.

They also want to know how this will affect the arbitration of the online gambling case they have going on with the World Trade Organization, or WTO. They think that they will not be taken as seriously now that their own government is trying to limit them.

The fact remains that the land based casinos are the ones that have the problems with alcohol, prostitution, etc., not the online gambling ones. However, with the government obviously turning their nose up at them they weaken their case. But online gambling brings in much more money than the land based type, so it is in their best interest to keep it here

South Africa

Now that South Africa has announced that they are going to be allowing online gambling within the country, they have been inundated with requests from online gambling companies to be allowed to come into the country. As the country has not as of yet made online gambling legal, these companies are trying to get their feet in the door before the flood gates open.

The country wants to regulate and legalize online gambling, and is waiting to see what happens with the bill. For now it has stalled in the South African National Council of Provinces for there are some aspects of it that are cause for concern.

One of the biggest hurdles is how advertising is going to be handled for the online gambling industry. They are concerned that children and youth must be kept away from the online gambling sites. Even though it seems though the bill will pass, they are planning on a lot of governmental supervision to make it happen.

The Victor Chandler Group and Bwin Interactive Entertainment have already started sniffing around to see if they could open online gambling shop in South Africa. They are not alone, and every day there are more companies vying for a piece of the industry.

There is already online gambling in South Africa, it just isn’t legal. The new law would protect its residents, and regulate the industry.